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The Knowledge Assistant


The Knowledge Assistant

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KASSIS selected by Museum Rocket

KASSIS selected by Museum Rocket IDU INTERACTIVE, one of the 25 selected Startups by Museum Rocket Museum Rocket is the first event to introduce young creators and startups to culture experts and leaders. Curated by We Are Museums, it will exhibit 25 selected regional...

IDÛ INTERACTIVE at the ICOM’s General Conference 2016

IDÛ INTERACTIVE at the ICOM’s General Conference 2016 Every three years, ICOM General Conferences gather the international museum community in a specific location so museum professionals can share thoughts on selected themes. ICOM, the International Council of...


KASSIS improves your cultural and touristic offers.
It enhances visitor engagement by adapting support, interactions, and information to each person, by putting each of them in control of their own discovery experiences, and by creating many fun and stimulating moments. Eventually, it leads visitors to better understand and enjoy their visits.

KASSIS helps you to reach new visitors.
In one unique app, people can find and access guided tours all over the World according to their geographical proximity, their theme, or personal characteristics of the user. Synergies between complementary culture and tourism offers naturally arise.

KASSIS increases the availability of your exhibitions.
Our app includes a built-in catalogue, making all contents available anywhere, anytime. Once a content is downloaded on a mobile device, KASSIS no longer requires an internet connection.

KASSIS helps you better understand your audience.
Based on state-of-the-art research in humanities and artificial intelligence, we create powerful algorithms and new metrics to better understand visitors in all their diversity, as well as to characterize their interactions, needs, and interests.

KASSIS supports the sustainability of your missions.
Should contents have a cost, a share of the profits is returned to your institution to help you achieve your projects.


KASSIS is developed by IDÛ Interactive, a startup developing intelligent knowledge solutions.

With an acknowledged international expertise in research areas such as artificial intelligence in education, cognitive and educational psychology, and human-computer interaction, IDÛ Interactive aims to consider people, contexts, and contents to create engaging, enlightening, and transformative experiences. IDÛ’s approach is to conceive technologies to facilitate optimized and people-controlled discovery experiences.

KASSIS, our product for the museum and tourism industries, is focused on an innovative knowledge discovery paradigm. It can potentially incorporate any devices and techniques that are or will be relevant for museum and cultural tourism experiences. We therefore adopt a critical thinking approach and constantly assess pros and cons of the most recent technological evolutions.

Emmanuel G. Blanchard

Emmanuel G. Blanchard, Ph.D

Research and Development

Thomas Perron

Thomas Perron, MSc

Business and Sales
Thomas Perron

Stéphane Blanchard, MBA



We are always looking for talented people to join us (R&D, computer programming, sales, communication, marketing, graphic design, cultural mediation). If you are curious on share our vision, don’t hesitate to contact us.



If you have any question about KASSIS, you can contact us. We will get back to you quickly.

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